Airport shuttle

There's no need for you to worry about how you make your way to Weggis - as always, we have organized an affordable and fast shuttle service from Zürich Airport directly to Weggis and back.

Take a look at the shuttle schedules and book your trip together with your event ticket.
For any doubts or issues with your shuttle schedule or logistics, our whatsapp shuttle helpline will be there for assistance: +41 79 592 8628.
departure times:
➡️ ZRH airport - Weggis
departure times:
⬅️ Weggis - ZRH airport
Friday 10:30 h Sunday 16:00 h
Friday 12:30 h Sunday 18:00 h
Friday 15:00 h Monday 07:00 h
Friday 18:00 h Monday 11:00 h
Friday 21:30 h Monday 14:00 h
Monday 17:00 h

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