Hometown of our resident DJ Sampa and his project Forró Vinyl.
The name says it all: DJs making you dance by playing their best Forró tunes on Vinyl.

Forró Vinyl is happening once a month. Check the dates - you don't want to miss those!
For more Information keep coming back here once in a while or follow us on social media.

If you have never danced Forró before - then it's about time!
Just come and dance with us - it's much easier than you think. One of the many reasons why Forró is Brazil's most popular folk couple dance!

Beginners are very welcome and enjoy free "private lessons" with our more experienced dancers - we call it "didática da prática".

Next Dates:

Saturday, 31.08.2019 20:00-02:00
Saturday, 21.09.2019 20:00-02:00
Saturday, 26.10.2019 20:00-02:00
Saturday, 30.11.2019 20:00-02:00
Saturday, 21.12.2019 20:00-02:00

Saturday, 18.01.2020 20:00-02:00

Forró on Vinyl
is cherishing cultural gems.

come join us! ❤️

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