2 vinyl DJs...

2 live Forró bands...

2 teachers...

and one community including YOU to get the parties going.

The recipe to Forró ufem Sockel is very simple:
it's all about the community and sharing a good time - for the people, by the people!
The cozy environment of Berne's old city, lovely people...
eye to eye with your favourite DJs, local teachers and two live bands.


and these are our guests this year:


Forró Vem Vem resident DJ from Zürich, Sampa has become a reference all over Europe and Brazil for his carefully arranged DJ sets, where every tune fits like a glove and shines like a beacon.
Let him mesmerize you!


Joining us from Bergamo (I) just around the corner, Forró vinyl purist DJ James has made his mark all over Europe with his energizing DJ sets and turntable creativity.
Guaranteed to heat up your feet!


This newly shuffled trio from São Paulo, Curitiba and the UK just started their first ever Europe tour and will stop by to play for us on Saturday.
We're excited to have them over -
a warm welcome to Berne!


With their rather unusual line-up of three sanfonas and a zabumba, SanfonArt from Paraíba are up for some surprising musical richness. They will be playing an amazing concert on Sunday at ONO in the lower old city.
Esse Forró é diferente!



has been teaching regular classes in Berne since 2013. He will be teaching an open level workshop on Saturday.


will teach an open level workshop on Friday and guide the dancing city tour on Saturday. Also, he will be introducing newbie dancers to Forró in his crash courses.

and of course, out of all these guests...
the ones who make the festival possible are YOU. ❤️

come join us!

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