2° festivalzinho
Forró ufem Sockel

6th-8th of September 2019 in Berne, Switzerland


A small, cozy event initiated by the collaboration of Forró Vem Vem with Forró Aare and the "Sockel" team of the Berne city administration in 2018, the festivalzinho Forró ufem Sockel - just like the Forró ao Pé da Serra - is meant to take a different approach to Forró festivals these days.

Following the precept "less is more", we work with minimal infrastructure and maximal contribution of the community - no huge lineups, just a couple of musical gems and teachers, a lot of warmth and social activities, putting the community itself in the focus of the event.

It's just 3 days of togetherness and Forró Pé de Serra, right in the heart of the Swiss capital city.

How do I get to the venue?

Very easy: just come to Bern by train or bus and head to the city center. The Sockel is located right on Waisenhausplatz, a couple of blocks away from the central station.

Bern-Belp (about 30-40min by bus & train)
Basel (about 1h20min by bus & train)
Zürich (about 1h10min by train)
Geneva (about 2h by train)

It's an open air event. What if it rains?

No worries. We will have a tent roof over the Sockel in the case of rain forecast. And a lot of the places for the Forró social activities are covered as well.

How about food and drinks?

Good one. We have no bar or catering service, but: as the venue is right in the city center, you will find all of it just a couple of steps away.

Quench your thirst at any of the countless fountains in the old city! It's excellent quality drinking water, much better and way more eco-friendly than bottled water. and oh yeah, it's free.
Get all the drinks you want to bring right at the supermarket or the restaurant next door...
Have your favourite snack or meal at the takeout or the restaurant, also just next door...
... and remember: sharing is caring, so bring some of it along for your fellow forrózeir@s on the Sockel!

How do I get my ticket?

You don't need one.

The most important thing for us is that you join us for the festivalzinho and have a good time. Nevertheless, we need to count on your generous contribution to the collection pot to cover our expenses for the event, and especially to allow for the musicians, DJs and teachers to get a decent remuneration for their performances.
In order for this concept to work out well, we roughly suggest a donation of

15-20 CHF per workshop
10 CHF for the dancing city tour
25-30 CHF per evening with live music and/or vinyl DJs.

of course, every little bit counts - try to weigh up the quality of your time spent with the amount you donate.
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