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Our Festival "Forró ao Pé da Serra" is a meeting for forrozeir@s from all over the world in the heart of Europe.
The event was initiated in 2014 and has become a yearly tradition in the village of Weggis, which turns into Forró Town for three days every year.

Last year, people from 20 different countries gathered in Weggis to spend an unforgettable weekend together.

This year, we are looking forward once again to welcome all of you

The weekend of September 25-27, 2020

in this lovely little town in the heart of Switzerland, surrounded by the Alps and Lake Lucerne.

The Festival is limited to 250 participants.

All activities take place in the town centre. During the day, the DJs play right at the lakeside, while workshops take place in surrounding municipal facilities.
The festival is all about togetherness and sharing the weekend with the forrozeiro community, whether it's doing workshops, dancing or just relaxing.

There is no separation of workshops and parties -
the party does not stop all weekend.

This is the reason why there are traditionally only full passes for sale, and no separate tickets for workshops or evening parties.

The festival is like a holiday weekend: all participants are free to move around and enjoy the festival the way it suits them best.
In order not to miss any of the festival activities and attractions, you might want to save some time before or after the festival for touristic activities.
Take a dip in the lake during the afternoon party or in the early morning and enjoy a tasty brunch or dinner together with forrozeiro friends...
yes, Weggis is intense! A weekend spent together dancing, loving, unwinding, enjoying the beautiful scenery and laughing a lot together, all in the spirit of Forró.

Weggis is a small festival and we would like to keep it that way.

Yes, there are many good dancers joining us, but rest assured that beginners are very welcome and may benefit a lot from all the amazing dances.

And then there's this "Roots myth"...

yes, we love Forró Pé de Serra. We are in love with it. But here in Weggis, we dance all kinds of styles.
We are all mixed and together in this dream, guided by the rhythms of the Zabumba and our hearts.

Forget everything for one weekend and just live.
Don't worry about anything, because we organize and arrange everything for you - and we do it with great pleasure!
Vem Vem, você também!

Don't forget to buy your festival pass in advance! The number of participants is strictly limited and we don't make exceptions.
When the event is sold out - as it has been those last years - we cannot admit people without a valid festival pass at the door.

On this note, a big THANK YOU to all the dear forrozeir@s who have joined us those last years and helped make the festival a big success.
THANK YOU for all your trust and care and for sharing your awesomeness with us!

6 concerts

2 live concerts per day featuring exclusive artists.

4 DJs

our DJs will be playing all day & night for a constant backbone of top-grade Forró Pé de Serra music.
Dance as much as you wish, at the lake or in the hotel lobby!

6 teachers

there will be 5 hours of dance workshops per level (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and some extra classes as well. All the while the dancefloors are open - your choice at what time to dance or study!

unique venue

The festival takes place in a picturesque village with breathtaking views on Lake Lucerne and the Swiss alps.
The Hotel Albana, the lake, workshop and dancing facilities are all within short walking distance and the scenery is just MAGICAL.

transfer service

Our shuttles will pick you up at Zürich Airport and bring you back there. No need to care about trains, buses or a rental car.

the hotel

The Hotel Albana is the hub of the festival. Accommodation and evening/nighttime parties will be here, so you can have a nap, take a shower and go back to the dance floor whenever you want...
because the music won't stop in Weggis!

food pass

We cook with love - so you don't need to miss anything.
Forget the hassle to find a restaurant and pay for expensive food. Get a food pass and enjoy our nutritious and tasty meals with your friends while overviewing the lake and listening to the best Forró tunes of our DJs.

the bar

Catuaba, Caipirinhas, beers, juices and much much more for affordable prices.
Because Vem Vem will take care of the bar as well.
Buy now