To make this event possible and affordable, we need to rent an entire hotel and offer the rooms in weekend packages for a fraction of the normal price. Therefore, it is a priority for us to fully book the hotel, before we start selling Full Passes without accommodation.

Hotel Seeburg

The centre point of our festival this year is the Hotel Seeburg in Lucerne. Most of the participants will have their room in the hotel, and it's also the place where the evening concerts and parties will take place, where we will all eat, dance and hang out together.

The hotel is close to the lake and all the facilities you will need during the weekend are in or around it, so there's no need to take a transport to go anywhere. Enjoy the comfort of having everything you need - your bed, your shower, your belongings and of course the dancefloor - in one place and feel free to move, nap, eat, love, dance... at any moment you wish.

Just book your Full Pass & Bed package and let us know who you would like to share the room with.
If you don't specify any preferences, we will arrange your roommates for you.

There are only few rooms of some types, so don't hesitate with your booking and get yours now!

dance 'till you drop...
into your cozy bed right upstairs 😍

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