Who are we?

Forró Vem Vem

is a non-profit, non-border cooperative network of Forró lovers from Europe and Brazil
dedicated to revive and nurture Forró culture through collaborative projects
such as festivals, concerts, workshops, classes and parties
throughout Switzerland and Europe.

Forró Vem Vem cultural association

our core team members:


Given his nickname "Detetive" by his Capoeira master for being insatiably curious, Marcus came into contact with Forró and Brazilian culture in general when he started training Capoeira in the early 2000s. He has been a passionate dancer since his teenage years, influenced by various Brazilian, Latin and African dance styles. He met his friends and future colleagues in the early 2010s and would help and support them in all kinds of organizational and communication matters before becoming an official member of the Forró Vem Vem team in early 2016. He is responsible for communication, public relations and logistical coordination and sporadically teaches crash courses or local dance workshops.
balançaê, que vai dar certo.


Rovena has been a dancing enthusiast since early childhood and learned to love Forró in northeastern Brazil while living with her father in Fortaleza. She has refined her dancing skills in numerous courses with important Forró teachers in Brazil and has worked as teaching partner with Átila Alves and Léo Diniz before starting to teach independently at the Federal Technical University ETH in Zürich. She is Forró Vem Vem's main cultural producer in the Zürich and Central Switzerland region and also works as a tour promoter for various Brazilian Forró artists across Europe.
ver as pessoas felizes me enche de prazer.


DJ Sampa was born and raised in São Paulo and used to work there as a DJ playing Samba, Samba Rock, Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul music in the nineties and got into contact with Forró frequenting São Paulo's Remelexo Club together with his Capoeira group. After moving to Switzerland in 1999, he soon established his reputation in the Latin music scene as DJ Sampa. Studying traditional Forró since 2014, he works as a cultural producer and DJ in Zürich and has been building up a solid fan base amongst Forró Pé de Serra lovers, playing regularly at events of all sizes throughout Europe and Brazil.
minha maior paixão e incomodar os dançarinos. 😉


Verão was captured by Forró at the age of seventeen when she was in Brazil. She loves Forró because Forró includes local music, togetherness, easy and versatile dancing steps. In 2013, back in Switzerland, she was surprised when she heard about Forró classes in Berne, her hometown; she started taking Forró classes with Átila and has been organizing Forró events and courses in Berne under her label "Forró Aare" ever since. In 2017, she joined Rovena, Detetive and Sampa as an official member of the Forró Vem Vem team. She is responsible for financial and organizational matters, always striving to spread her passion and show people the beauty of Forró.
Forró é que nem verão - ele não acaba nunca!


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